To make the most of your outside spaces, paving is a very versatile way of making your property stand out from the rest. This can be in the form of a standard driveway right through to a very ornate patio.

We use a wide range of quality stone from many different suppliers these include Brett, Marshalls and Bradstone to name a few but we can also source specialty stone if necessary.


There is an extensive range of block paving products available in a number of different colours, textures and effects. Although there are only three basic block laying patterns Stretcher Bound, Herringbone and Basket weave.

The random or uniform use of different block sizes, colours and textures within those patterns open the doors to a wealth of different options to enhance your driveway. There is also an extensive range of accessories and aggregates to enhance your paving including circular features, cobbles and kerb sets just to name a few. These will no doubt add that finishing touch to your driveway.


With out question, the range of materials for patios is wider than any other landscaping element. Whether it’s a standard utility concrete slab or natural sandstone, the choice is endless. As with driveways there is a massive range of accessories available and we often find many clients gardens will incorporate patio materials with blocks used within driveways. Also we can add lighting to any patio or driveway.


As a finishing touch to your driveway or garden, why not include some brickwork.

If it be a single step or a wall there are many styles of bricks to incorporate into your garden.We also have a full brickwork service for building projects etc.

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